In Person/Online Voice Coaching

As the global pandemic continues, in order to responsibly comply with social distancing measures, I am offering only online voice coaching sessions. Zoom, Facetime,Skype, or any reliable video platform of your choice. Please use the contact form or click this link to email with any questions. Take good care of yourselves and keep singing!


I believe everybody can sing! Sure you may not be the next Beyonce or Frank Sinatra but we all have a voice. If you can speak you can sing! I love to work with people of all levels, help them gain confidence and improve their singing. Whether you have aspirations to be the next talent show star, have some fun at Karaoke nights, want to pursue a music career in contemporary voice, or you would just like to sound better when you're belting out your favourite tune in the car or shower...I can help!

I have over 20 years experience working with singers and have a huge passion to see people enjoy using their voices to sing and express themselves. Singing has been proven to have many therapeutic and creative benefits for us modern day humans living with work stress, depression, social anxiety and a host of other physical/psychological ills.

I have been trained in classical and contemporary singing and have continued to study, building on learning safe and effective vocal techniques. I am a self professed "voice nerd" and love to show people that learning to sing is a process and that vocal technique can be fun! Okay, not ALWAYS but I aim to make it an enjoyable time. As a songwriter I’m also a big fan of adding creativity and finding your artistic voice to enhance the technical aspects of singing. 

Finally, a word about learning to sing through You Tube videos. I have found some amazing coaches via You Tube and value it as a learning tool, however,  we all come with unique personalities. Our voices reflect this and nothing can replace one on one or small group voice training to bring out the best voice in YOU!

There is a good coach for everyone, so if you are interested we can see if I am good fit for YOUR voice. Drop me a line at for rmore info. If you are unable to travel to my home teaching studio I also offer online lessons.