1. Traveller

From the recording Sensible Shoes

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Traveller (c)2004loisgillespie

I have watched you walk your road
And stumble on the way
I have watched you dream your dreams
And let them fade away

I am just a traveller along another road
Sometimes we walk side by side
Sometimes we walk alone
When it's time to say goodbye
I'll hold you in my heart
And if our paths should cross again
That's just God's work of art

I have bowed to many things
That did not satisfy
I have seen despair and hope
Mixed in a stranger's eyes

I have watched the seasons change
And did not understand
The life and death of every thought
Can always make or break a man
I have watched this river run
And laid my sorrows there
Grasped that golden thread of love
And sent out all my prayer

I've marvelled at the setting sun
Light up this pallid sky
Grieved to see lives come undone
And I still wonder why