1. Day to Day

From the recording Sensible Shoes

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Day to Day

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Recorded live one take


Day to Day (C)2004loisgillespie

I've been sitting here in this cluttered room now
Since the break of dawn
Staring at the weather channel
Wondering what went wrong

It's been raining now for three weeks straight
I sure could use some sun
I miss your laugh I miss your face
But our time has come and gone
And I gotta let you go now
Get back to that first love of mine
Cause truth is so unfashionable
And rarely as clever as a Globe and Mail headline

It's well past noon I mend a hole in my sock
And I feel sad
That I can't so easily fix us
With a needle and some thread

I put my pink boots on my guitar on my back
There are songs to play and bills to pay
But I know I'll be alright
I'm sorry for the misplaced words
Scattered so carelessly
And laid to rest in fallow places
We all need mercy we all need death
After all the smoke has cleared
We need the life that's left