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Pink Carnations

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Pink Carnations (c) 1999loisgillespie

You brought me these pink carnations
And I put them in a jar
They relieved some of this consternation
I didn't have to travel far
To know I'm lost without your love
I am lost without your love

You sang me sweet salty love songs
I could taste them on my tongue
It's then I understood the grief in my wrongs
I saw your face I saw your face and did not run
You said my heart is filled with treasures
And I'm holding out my hands
I will share with you my pleasures
All my secrets and my plans

You brought me this golden sunset
And so I reached out to the sky
I felt the warmth come to my weary body
I didn't have to ask you why

You brought me this silver full moon
And it led me through my nights
When I was blind inside that cold scary dark room
You came and switched on every light

You gave me all your attention
And it filled these cracks right up
Now I'm clothed in such a deep affection
You are the hand you are the hand
Inside my glove