1. Drop of Sorrow
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Drop of Sorrow

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Every Drop of Sorrow (c)loisgillespie2017

The church door was open
She sat down in the back
Dressed all in white
Blue and black

Face down in her sadness
Stained glass, soft chords
Like tears cascading from the roof to the floor

Every drop of sorrow
Wrung from her weary bones
Beautiful, broken, and
Feelin' a little old

Made her confession
He had a kind face
Got absolution, looking for grace
Mercy Mother Mary won't you throw me a line
I'm sinking fast, runnin' out of time

Way down inside lies rolled in like the tide
Slipped thru her hands
Washed up on the sand
On an empty shore

50 dollars and the Greyhound
Got her to the next town
She made a call to her boyfriend
To tell him she's gone
When he asked "where you headed"?
She said I don't really know
I'm so sorry darlin' I just need to go