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Dreamers and Drifters

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Dreamers and Drifters (c)lois gillespie

Time has come to let you go
You got me feeling sad and low
I will not wait for the reckoning
I hear that West wind beckoning

Got me tangled in your perfect lies
Had me believing every alibi
I will not feed on your flattery
I hear that highway calling me
So let the clouds paint their pictures
Of a better time
For all the dreamers and the drifters
Searching for that perfect rhyme
Great big house and a diamond ring
My friends say I got everything
But if I die before I wake
I got no soul for the Lord to take
I need to simplify my life
Your world is frantic and unkind
Where no one ever says goodbye

Too much money can kill your dreams
Love can make you fall apart at the seams
I will not watch the unravelling
These shoes are made for travelling