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Raven Haired Boy

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Raven Haired Boy (c)loisgillespie2017

Raven haired boy heart like an ocean
Lost in emotion
Drowning in the tides
Every now and then he stops fighting and he breathes
Remembers when the discontent
Was not so greedy for his mind
One more sad story
Wasting time
Chasing gold and glory
Love struck and blind
Raven haired boy raven haired boy

He's got a fire in his fingers
And a well studied charm
Burning in his belly
A new woman on his arm
Sometimes moving on is not really moving through
But he's got some brand new songs
A lot of catching up to do
And his heart don't stop beating
Even when it's deceiving
Even when he is bleeding
And in the end
He's gonna face what is filed away
Shell shocked and smokin'
Chokin' on the dust
Now I understand how the ache can make you weary
But I love that man
I'll walk beside him and believe