Booking House Concerts

House concerts are becoming more and more popular among both musicians and music fans.  The artist and listeners are brought together in a unique and intimate concert setting.  If you are interested in hosting Lois for a concert please use the contact page to get in touch and we can work out the details! Below are a few FAQs people have about hosting a show.

1. What do I need to host a concert?

You'll need a space a large enough to accommodate a minimum of 20 people, the musician/instrument(s) ,seating (couches, chairs etc) and an email contact list..remember those? Most hosts provide coffee/tea and snacks or ask that their guests bring something to share. Alcohol is at the discretion of the host.

2. Who do I invite?

You can invite you family, co-workers, friends and and anyone you can think of who may be interested in experiencing live music in a intimate home setting. The concert will also be promoted through Lois' website and social media with your email contact provided for guest confirmation.

3. Do I need a sound system?

For solo performances a small amp and microphone are provided.  If you would like a duo,  a small PA can be rented at a nominal cost to the host and transported and set up by the musicians.

4. What do I charge?

Most hosts charge 20$, however, admission fees are always negotiable

5. What happens if some people do not show up?

We ask that the hosts get confirmation of attendance to make the concert enjoyable for all involved.  On the rare occasion that minimum attendance is not met,  we ask the host to make up the difference.  Most hosts find this to be fair,  and as stated this rarely happens.

6. What is good time to start?

Most hosts start at 7pm with guests arriving and music beginning around 7:30pm. Two sets and break in between allows for socializing and connecting before and afterwards. Many hosts enjoy having Sunday afternoon house concerts beginning around 1:30 and ending before dinner. 

If you have any specific questions, get in touch on the contact page and we'll do out best to answer them. 

Happy hosting!