Lois has three souls. She's an old, weathered blues singer.  She's a diamond-in-the-rough country star travellin' alone on the road somewhere, and she's got the same sugary snarl as early punk spitfires like Patti Smith and Chrissy Hynde.  Her well crafted tunes are ballsy and sweet, fed-up and melancholic,  and once in a while dare to be sincere.  Songs like faded polaroids kept on the dusty dash of a pick-up truck. 

In a voice that is by turns vulnerable and resilient,  she sings of jilted lovers,  goodbyes,  regrets,  and the aftermath of stormy relationships all tinged with the smallest  most fragile hopes.  Not afraid to own timeless blues/country sentiments her lyrics have also been influenced by the most sublime of 20th century poetry, distilling all the complexity of life and emotion into simple statements like "I am happy/I am grieving/ bold and shining just like this pale moon." 

Lois was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba,  where she in her pink cowboy boots and flaming hair can often be seen trudging through tides of snow.  She has performed locally and nationally for the past 15 years and one of her many ongoing passions is to provide live entertainment in unexpected places.  She has been heard entertaining passengers as Artist Onboard for Via Rail,  and busking on the streets of towns she visits.  For a number of years,  Lois had worked with Artists in Healthcare Manitoba  bringing her music to patients,  staff and visitors in healthcare facilities across Winnipeg.  

She released her debut CD,  Sensible Shoes  in 2005 and has recently released her second album,  Entanglements  produced by ex-member of the bands Crash Test Dummies and Doc Walker,  Murray Pulver (Bros. Landreth, Sierra Noble, Sweet Alibi, Red Moon Road).   In the spirit of Emmy Lou,  her new songs tell bittersweet stories charged with all kinds of weather.